We take your cold sales prospects from cold to close.

A Simple & Effective Outbound Sales Agency for B2B Professionals and Companies Looking to Scale Their Cold Prospecting.

Finally, A Practical Outbound Sales Agency and Community for B2B Professionals and Companies.

AgencyFlare is rooted from the hustle. We know first-hand the challenges salespeople and companies face when it comes to prospecting, cold calling, outbound sales, quality lead-generation, and ultimately, getting a client to go from cold to close.

Our outbound sales services are simple but effective; we help companies scale their outbound sales and cold prospecting through a proven and very personalized sales approach. We know many “biz dev” professionals hate cold prospecting. And frankly, they do it once, move on, and call it a day. We love the chase. We take a systematic approach using cold email, LinkedIn Lead-generation and Cold Calling with purposeful follow up to get you more sales qualified meetings on your calendar.

Our mission is clear; our goal is to give you the most actionable outbound sales content around – the sales strategies we share with you has directly helped us and many others with our cold outbound sales challenges. Through our outbound sales content we’ve built a community of top-performing salespeople, entrepreneurs and business owners which makes up the current landscape of our AgencyFlare community. Take action today and join our community.

Odds are, you’re probably good at selling…

Here’s the truth, you can close deals when you speak with qualified prospects. The problem isn’t “selling” for you, the problem is getting more qualified meetings on your calendar.

We help companies go from cold to close with cold prospects and set more meaningful meetings.

Our Sales Process

Over the past decade and many outbound sales campaigns later, we’ve finally figured out a cold sales sequence that converts…

Outsourced Cold Calling

You’ve probably heard the rumors – cold calling in B2B sales is dead. We believe that’s further from the truth…

Cold Sales Email

Email is one of the biggest B2B prospecting tools in today’s sales world. The unfortunate part is cold sales emails are…

LinkedIn Lead-Generation

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful prospecting tools in the B2B outbound sales world. To be frank, our B2B LinkedIn…

Get Your Reps In, Rookie.

Specialized sales knowledge is one of the most sought-after traits around. You don’t gain knowledge without continual training & repetition. We provide content for sales professionals and outsourced sales services for companies needing to scale their outbound sales outreach.

Content Created for Closers.

We’re not here to waste your time. We produce & create content that moves the needle for sales professionals at all levels.

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We don’t believe in bullshit content, and frankly, neither should you. Yes, we have a commitment to helping companies scale their outbound sales and prospecting, it’s what we do. We also have a commitment to providing the most helpful and transparent B2B sales content around. Our goal is to to sales pros and entrepreneurs like yourself close more cold deals.