B2B LinkedIn Lead-Generation Services

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful prospecting tools in the B2B outbound sales world. To be frank, our B2B LinkedIn lead-generation service is what sets us apart from any other agency.

In today’s digital-first world everyone wants to “automate” everything. Unfortunately, in B2B sales, automation doesn’t always work- you still need the human touch. We believe you have to put in the work, do the manual labor and actually build meaningful connections with people if you want them as viable prospects.

When we implement our LinkedIn lead-generation services for a company, we’re actually taking over your main sales representative’s profile and reaching out to hundreds of targeted prospects per month, with introduction sales messages that convert prospects to meetings. This is a strategy you can’t automate, no matter what type of “sales tech” you use.

The money is in the follow up…

We know appointments get set because our follow up game is strong. We also know that 80% of conversions happen from the 7th through the 12th follow up.

When we connect with someone on LinkedIn, we want to have a strategy as to “why” we’re connecting with them, and “how” we’re going to convert them to a prospect. We also need to have a follow up strategy in-place. When you’re having to reach out to a person seven plus times, you have to be strategic, and you have to be creative. This is where the value of having an outbound sales team run your LinkedIn comes into play.

    Are you ready to convert more LinkedIn connections into viable leads?

    Most B2B sales professionals use LinkedIn. Likewise, most sales pros don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to effectively implement an outbound sales campaign that converts their LinkedIn connections into actual leads.

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