How The B2B Outbound Sales World Is Evolving, Ft. Jason Bay

by | Oct 3, 2022

In this episode, I had the opportunity to interview one of the best outbound sales thought leaders, Jason Bay, Founder of Blissful Prospecting. Jason has a very human and authentic approach to cold outreach, and his goal is to teach you how to implement the best form of cold outreach for your business.

In this episode you will learn the following:

  • What are some trends to implement in the outbound sales world in 2021?
  • Has the “sales culture” among sales teams really changed over the last decade?
  • Is putting more visuals in your cold outreach a good idea or not?

Jason is a one-of-a-kind thought leader in the B2B outbound sales world and I encourage all of you to go follow him on LinkedIn and check out his company’s website here.