Three Ways To Find Your Balance In Sales & Business

by | Oct 8, 2022

Do you struggle with balance or being present in the moment? I sure as hell do, and it’s because I’m focused on so many different things at once it kills any momentum I have for sales, future deals, and ultimately, company morale. Here you will learn three ways to improve your balance heading into the new year, which will help you sell more, increase business and be happier.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Three ways to better find a balance that will help you sell more and accelerate your business.
  • Learn how to create consistency and habits that support your balance
  • Why you shouldn’t outsource your happiness.
  • What to do when times get tough.

I mentioned a video I said I’d link about “outsourcing your happiness” and it’s a WONDERFUL Tedx Talk which you can find here.

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