Five Key Steps That Will Help You Make ANY Sale, Ft. Wes Schaeffer

by | Oct 4, 2022

In this episode, we speak with Wes Schaeffer who’s the Founder & CEO of The Sales Whisperer®. In my entire time recording podcasts, I’ve never taken a full page of notes until I had the chance to speak with Wes. He’s top-notch and you’re going to learn a TON of valuable lessons from him when it comes to B2B sales.

A few things you’re going to learn in this episode are:

  • To make ANY sale you have to make EVERY sale
  • Five Proven Steps to Make Every Sale
  • What does It mean to be a Sales Dog?
  • Why Marketing Automation is Key

If you’re interested in following Wes or learning more about him, please check out all of his content at The Sales Whisperer or check out his really well-done Sales Agenda here.