B2B Outsourced Cold Calling

You’ve probably heard the rumors – cold calling in B2B sales is dead. We believe that’s further from the truth. Cold calling is one of the oldest and most effective sales tactics around. And yes, we can tell you with confidence it is still one of the top leading prospecting tools when it comes to closing more sales in 2020.

Let’s be honest… Cold calling is a little awkward.

If we’re all being honest, cold calling is a little awkward. Trying to develop a relationship with someone over the phone who has no idea who you are is really tough. There’s no way around it. To get results from the phone it takes a certain type of sales representative, whose specialty is cold calling, to get results you need from an effective cold call campaign.

Here’s the other truth… Most sales professionals hate picking up the phone and talking to a stranger. Not only that, it takes on average four hours to call 85 new people. Most companies and sales professionals don’t have four hours to allocate to cold calling.

What makes our outsourced cold calling process work?

So what makes our outsourced cold calling process work? Why are we the best fit to service your cold call needs? It’s simple – cold calling is just one piece to our sales process. We’re not a call center that “dials for dollars” and our cold call specialists aren’t low paid or commission only telemarketers.

We have a very specific and integrated sales strategy we follow with every client- which we call our Systematic Selling Process (SSP). Our outsourced cold calling service is just one of three parts to our sales process. When you use cold calling as a one piece to the puzzle vs the main focal point to your sales strategy it proves to get the most optimal results.

Here’s the nitty gritty about our cold calling service:

Listed below are some key specifics about our outsourced cold calling services you know.

  • Our phone reps have only one job which is cold calling.
  • Our phone reps have one objective when calling – set qualified appointments.
  • Our phone reps never juggle more than two client cold accounts at one time.
  • We take detailed call notes after every call. Whether we spoke to a prospect or not.
  • We record all of our cold calls and give you updated call logs upon request.
  • We believe in “unscripted cold calls”. Our phone reps don’t follow a script. We want them to sound human, therefore we prep them with great sales talking points and allow them to have meaningful conversation.
  • Our phone reps are U.S. based and very much part of our team. We don’t have “fly by night” offshore cold callers. We have high investment in the success of our phone reps and we’re proud to say we’re not a “turn and burn” call center.
  • Our phone reps will send qualified leads to your CRM and send a meeting request to you and the prospect once the appointment has been set over the phone.

Interested in having a conversation on how cold calling can increase your business?

We understand cold calling isn’t right for every business, which is why we recommend having a conversation to learn more about your sales goals and what you’re trying to achieve. You will learn quickly we’re not a “yes man” sales agency. We only implement cold calling campaigns for clients we know we can achieve great results for.

If you’re interested in learning how our cold calling services can increase your business, fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you!

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