10 Simple Yet Effective Outbound Sales & B2B Prospecting

by | May 10, 2020

As salespeople we want to close on as many accounts as possible. It can sometimes feel overwhelming. Let us help you. These 10 simple yet effective outbound sales prospecting tips are proven to help you close on more business.


Your Initial Cold Sales Pitch

Before you make that first call, take a moment and ask yourself. Do I feel confident in what I am offering the client? How am I going to sound? Making a good first impression is key when prospecting new accounts. The best way to feel confident is to simply practice. Practice your sales pitch in your car, at the gym, in the shower, or with your significant other. The more you practice, the better your pitch is going to sound. Be sure to mix it up though. You don’t want to sound robotic or “rehearsed,” but rather knowledgeable and confident.


Take Call Notes After Every Sales Call. Even Bad Ones!  

As salespeople, it is so important to write everything down. You cannot possibly remember every single conversation you have with a client, and the more clients you reach out to, the harder it will be to remember it all. By writing down extensive notes after each call, you will be sure to keep all your ducks in a row. Be sure to write down anything bad as well. Was your client upset about something or seemed disinterested? Write that down. Don’t forget to REVIEW your notes before you call a client. You will sound more prepared and knowledgeable vs trying to read your notes while stumbling through a conversation.


Anytime a prospect gives you feedback (most unintentionally), write it down 

Writing down feedback can help you learn what you did well and what you didn’t do so well. Physically writing it down will help ensure you actually remember it for next time. Whether you need to remember to continue to implement the same strategies or change your tactics accordingly. As salespeople, it can be disheartening to hear negative feedback from your clients or customers. But it’s all about your attitude and how you view it. You can take what they say as hurtful, or you can learn from it. Ask yourself, “why was this client upset? What could I have done differently? How did I handle this?” By taking a step back and evaluating yourself, you’d be amazed how much you can learn and grow, and ultimately, do better next time. Be sure to take notes on any good calls as well. What did you do well? Why was the client happy with you and your services? The best salespeople know that self-evaluation is key to continuing to be successful.


When you’re prospecting, look for patterns 

Are you getting the same response from your leads? Are you hitting the same challenges and roadblocks each time? Taking a step back to identify patterns will help you better understand what to do and what not to do. Be self-reflective. Just because you have been doing something one way for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way. If you are open to growth and change, you will be more successful overall.


Turn off all distractions. 

In our technology driven world, it can be easy to become distracted. Virtually everything is at our fingertips. Remember to ask yourself, “how does this help me?” That can help you stay on task and remain focused throughout your day. Those extra 30 minutes could mean the difference between one more client – or not.


Stay confident at all times. Even on bad days.

This is easier said than done. We have all had those days where we just feel “off.” If you are in a bad headspace, take a moment, maybe grab another cup of coffee or some food and then re-focus. If you don’t sound confident about your service of product, your client is not going to feel confident working with you. That is why advice #1 is so important, practice your pitch. If you don’t practice, you won’t feel as confident making the call. If you know what you are going to say off the top of your head, you can be more confident in knowing your sales closure will be high.


Record Your Cold Calls. 

This may sound awful but think about it- If you don’t listen to yourself, you may never realize you say “um” every other word. By listening to yourself you can work to fix this. Not to say you can’t ever say “um,” but by recording and listening to your pitch, you can feel much more satisfied in knowing you sound confident and professional. You can also hear what your overall energy sounds like. Are you excited? Are you engaged? Or do you sound drained? You’d be amazed how much you can learn from listening to yourself, and how much more you can improve your overall sales skills.


Prospect at different times of the day 

Not seeing a ton of closure lately? Try changing what day and time you are prospecting. Try switching from the morning to the afternoon, etc. And mix up the days as well. Try to steer clear of first thing Monday morning, people are just getting back into their office and are less likely to respond to a cold call. As well as late Friday afternoons, people who work a 9-5 are usually mentally tapped out by 4pm. By mixing it up, you can find which days of the week and time of day ultimately see the most return.


If you have a prospecting “win,” keep going 

Next time you hear a “yes” from your client, pick up the phone and call another. Your energy and excitement is going to be through the roof. Why not turn that one win into two, three or four? Momentum is a crucial thing. If you get some momentum, bottle that shit up and run with it.

Call your sales colleague and have a conversation

Feel stuck and can’t seem to get through to a customer? Sometimes taking the time to chat with your colleague can make all the difference. You’d be amazed by how much brainstorming with a like minded colleague or friend can help with your prospecting process. As they say, two heads are better than one.

Having a strong sales support system and environment is critical. The importance of “sticking with winners in sales” can’t be underestimated. You should ALWAYS pull motivation, practical advice and strategies from your fellow sales colleagues.

Below, our Founder, James Harper, even has a quick four minute video discussing the importance of having a strong and positive sales environment.

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