Three Reasons Startups Should Outsource Their Outbound Sales

by | Jun 12, 2020

Every startup needs to decide what is the best way to create sales for their company. Today we will talk about a few reasons why startups should highly consider outsourcing their outbound sales, versus hiring their own sales team.

Why take the risk if you don’t have to?

Most startups already have a high level of risk, increasing costs and a low revenue during their first year in business. Add in hiring a sales professional and well, you might just be adding more risk and more costs associated without seeing any return for months. Usually it plays out one of two ways- you spend a pretty penny to get the best salesperson for the job (which is most likely not cost effective), or you spend what you can afford and presumably get a very green salesperson that does not have the experience or know how to create a strong sales funnel for your business. Building a strong sales team takes time, resources and experience to really find the right tactics and rhythm to grow your business’ bottom line.

Teaming up with a sales agency (like AgencyFlare) is like switching on the green “go!” light for your outbound sales. You don’t have to spend time training anyone, these are sales pros with experience that talks. Let the sales agency spend the time to create a sales plan and overall strategy to best benefit your business. Outsourcing your sales team not only saves the company time in recruiting and hiring an individual, but it also eliminates the risks associated as well.

Look For the Long Term Outbound Sales Partner

Most outbound sales jobs have quick turnover (about 9 months). If you work with a sales agency (like AgencyFlare), you can create a long term partner. Even if you were to get lucky and find your “rockstar” sales associate, it is highly likely you will lose the individual in less than a year’s time. Most salespeople (especially those who are very successful) are driven by money and great comp plans, and therefore are always looking for the next best opportunity. By partnering with a sales agency, you won’t have to worry about hiring a new person and having to start the whole entire process all over again. With a long term partner, you also won’t need to worry about your sales associate continuing to bring in new business.

Punch Above Your Weight Class

Startups have to punch above their weight class – a great sales agency will allow you to do this! The truth is, at the beginning of a new business venture there is going to be a myriad of costs. Finding the right talent can sometimes cost more than the startup is willing or even able to spend. Partnering with a sales agency will allow you to cast a wider net – finding you the ideal prospects, the big fish you may not have been able to reach without. Agencies come equipped with the software, tools, and the knowhow to reach more prospects, and close more deals at scale. In that degree, the cost of outsourcing outbound sales with a sales agency is far more valuable in the long run – they’ll get you more deals on the table.

If you choose to outsource your outbound sales, you will get more with less. Sales agencies are less expensive than employees, and much more effective. Instead of spending the time, energy and money to hire a sales team (who may or may not be there in 9 months), why not choose to partner with a sales agency that has a team of experts ready and excited to close more business?

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