Introducing Our Systematic Selling Process (SSP)

Over the past decade and many outbound sales campaigns later, we’ve finally figured out a cold sales sequence that converts – this is what we call our Systematic Selling Process (SSP).

Our Systematic Selling Process (SSP) at its core is the heart and soul of every outbound sales strategy we execute. There are a few key principles that make up a great outbound sales campaign; a multi-channeled approach, a targeted approach, great messaging, strong follow up and consistency.

Let’s be real. We’ve all had horrible sales experiences

Odd are you’ve been a recipient of a horrible cold email. We know you’ve probably hung up on a telemarketer (we sure have), and yes, we’ve all got those spammy LinkedIn messages 30 seconds after we connect with someone random on LinkedIn.

We’re going to call out the elephant in the room – we’ve all had bad sales experiences. This is why we’ve DEDICATED ourselves to finding an outbound sales strategy that’s personal and human, persistent, and most of all, focused on achieving one goal, which is making sure our campaign allows you to have more meaningful conversations with your most ideal prospects.


The Core Services of our Systematic Selling Process (SSP)

  • Identifying your Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP)
  • Verifying and mining your lead-data for your IPP
  • Creating your C3 Foundation:
  • Content, Channels, Calendar
  • Crafting your SSP
  • Cold email outreach
  • LinkedIn lead-gen outreach
  • Unscripted cold calling

If you’re curious how our Systematic Selling Process (SSP) can grow your business, let’s have a conversation.

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